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The Shark Route

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The ultimate ocean adventures

Southern Africa is home to; diverse and abundant shark populations, awesome shark diving adventures; and numerous renowned shark experts. With a unique suite of the innovative shark diving adventures, Oceans Discovery is your portal for total immersion into the wondrous world of sharks.

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The Shark Route

The ultimate shark diving experience - anywhere

The Shark Route is the world's ultimate shark diving adventure. It is a fully integrated tour consisting of Southern Africa's greatest shark diving encounters and hosted by a series of the world's most renowned shark specialists. A once in a lifetime opportunity for total immersion into the hidden world of sharks.

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Meet the Shark Specialists

Spend time with living legends of the Shark world

A highlight of the Shark Route involves connecting our valued customers with Southern Africa's most famed shark men and women. These world renowned scientists, divers and photographers will host you at each leg of your adventure and share with you their passion and knowledge on South Africa's sharks.

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Shark Diving, Southern Africa

Southern Africa is the shark diving capital of the world, with an unmatched diversity and abundance of these charismatic predators. Oceans Discovery has hand selected the most exciting, educational and rewarding shark dives that we have to offer. Pick your favourite shark, don your neuroprene, and get ready for the adventure.

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Exclusive Diving Expeditions

Oceans Discovery's SHARK EXPEDITIONS are exhilarating, challenging purpose driven shark adventures developed and hosted by our resident shark specialists. Joining a shark expedition is your chance to journey deep into the world of sharks, shoulder to shoulder with South Africa's famed shark experts.

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Shark E-Learning Courses

Many sharks remain misunderstood by humans. Oceans Discovery e-learning shark courses is your pathway to educating yourself about your most favourite shark species. Do sharks see colour? Why to sharks bite people? How fast can sharks swim? Are sharks going to become extinct? All your questions will be answered!

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